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1912. How very interesting. Besides the intentional sinking of the HMS Titanic and along with it several prominent financial moguls opposed to a (another) Central Bank scheme....

Astute observers of geo-financial history will see the dots connecting here:

“1913 wasn’t a very good year. 1913 gave us the Federal Reserve System, the Income Tax, the 16th Amendment, and the IRS.” ~ Ron Paul

But relevant to this discussion also in 1913 –– the creation of the Rockefeller Foundation, leading to the complete takeover of all medical education and research. COINCIDENCE? Definitely not.

As President John F. Kennedy famously said:

"There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office I intend to expose this plot." (7 days before his assassination).

Said plot to enslave was not just financial, but medical and psychological. Let that sink in.....

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Thank you, to another brave doctor - and for calling out the Databank and the Medical Boards for what they really are.

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Ladapo is pretending to want to stop the clot shots.

If he was honest, he could make the jabs prescription only.

He didn't do this. Neither did Desantis...

Here's one law he supported that was anti freedom... There's others that passed but this one takes the cake, and read the issues before assuming it was a good law


Also, do you have another channel like rumble to post the video? Substack player is problematic on some browsers...

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Bill Gates the psychopath and Tedros the Tigray terrorist have made it quite clear that the next plandemic in 2025 will be aa prepared eneteric virus with a particularly susceptibility to children. The hysteria mounted will be something like we have never seen in our lives. Mandates are coming and to avoid this you will have to hide from the tyranny, and be prepared to fight to the death.

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I have been collecting information for the past 3 years on this topic: 'The True History of Modern Medicine'. https://artofhealth.mykajabi.com/offers/emCsD98B/checkout

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Thankyou so much for this chat. I admire you both.

I’m curious why two Philly doctors packed up your bags and left America to live in NZ. Surely we were a backwater when you came here and now we all know and the world is realising that NZ is a total govt control nazi regime run by puppets for their parasistic masters. Do you gents ever think of exiting out and heading back to USA.

Thankyou again for speaking out and pushing back. I support you 100%.

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Great discussion & it is important to record for future generations. It is interesting to see the parallels between this "Covid" farce & other historical events. Major General Smedley Butler, an National hero from the United States who is largely forgotten by the masses. He wrote a book called "War is a Racket." When you made the comment that this whole farce is a racket reminded me of his book where Butler smashes the whole fake war "doing it for democracy" joke. Butler was the highest decorated Marine ever but in my opinion he was far more courageous in his attempt to expose the corruption within the American "system." Additionally, another interesting parallel was the acquisition of ALL of the smaller , medium & larger steel factories by Rockefeller, Schwab ( there's that name again) similar to the Flexner model by gobbling up the smaller entities & creating a monolithic super power with direct channels to every political "leader" from then to now. They don't make bullets, guns, tanks from plastic & why do most GP' s have their practice next to a chemist?

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so good to hear from two people I admire and trust - TY

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One has to wonder what Thomas Jefferson would think about having a hospital named after him in the liberal sewer of Philadelphia.

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-- Annnnnd, the Beat Goes On with the on-going witness to the terrifying and tragic reality of the consequences of the largest coercive medical experiment on human beings in history via MCM's "In Memory of Those Who Have `Died Suddenly'" at:


-- As well as very partial ongoing lists:




-- As well as the "glue" that binds up all this reality to extinguish WE THE PEOPLE:

State Censorship & Gagged Thought - Once Unthinkable, Now Run-Of-The-Mill


-- As well as complete, annotated transcripts of all 5 Episodes of NEVER AGAIN IS NOW GLOBAL:


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"Racketeering": good word; kind of brings it down to earth.

For all its seriousness it's a fun interview. Manny is so cool, smooth and genial; Bruce is on fire, his brain's all over the place trying to catch some of the ideas flying past, and words are thronging out of him like 80,000 people told to leave the stadium because a bomb's about to go off. At least this disaster is bringing out some extraordinary people.

The trouble is, for anyone new to this, it sounds like the plot of a Hollywood political thriller, with some malevolent cabal or Dr No lurking in the shadows controlling everything like master puppeteers. I can understand why people can't wrap their heads around it.

I'm a numbers man. Taking into account the Covid deaths caused by a perversely mismanaged 'emergency' and then the excess death rate caused by the Covid jab (what else could have caused it?), New Zealand is in the midst of its worst-ever catastrophe apart from the Great War. By the end of this year Ardern and Hipkins - well, the whole government really, but that pair in particular - will have been responsible for the deaths of more New Zealanders than Hitler. (And yes, I can justify this claim with official figures.) But no one's interested! Just the occasional clue emerging as an aside in the legacy news media: e.g. four rugby players have collapsed in club games this season, with two dying, when it used to be that one in a season was a big deal; now it's, oh well, it happens. Ambulance sirens day and night. Cemeteries filling up. Who doesn't know someone who recently died unexpectedly? Meanwhile we have politicians telling us there are no excess deaths as though their very own Department of Statistics doesn't exist. Even Hollywood couldn't invent a freak show like this.

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awesome conversation .thankyou

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