My Conversation with Bruce Dooley, M.D.

another fireside freedom exchange with a courageous doctor

Join us for an unrehearsed, uncut, unedited and free-flowing conversation about the FSMB, the corrupt Medical Council of New Zealand and many other topics.

Dr. Dooley is an Philadelphia-born physician who now resides in Nelson, New Zealand.

He holds an MS in Immunology and is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. Bruce holds licences to practice in the states of Hawaii and Florida, as well as New Zealand.

It was through him that I first learned of the Federation of State Medical Boards, a private corporation, founded in 1912, that controls physicians through its connection to state licensure, and testing, and whose reach extends internationally through the International Association of Medical Regulatory Agencies. It has had an enormous influence on the practice of medicine worldwide and has played a significant role in the persecution of doctors who have stood up for principles of informed consent, early treatment and the Hippocratic Oath during the covid ‘pandemic’.

Dr. Dooley, among his many accomplishments, has been an innovative Integrative Medicine practitioner.

Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D.

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