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G'day NZD, Apparently Pfizer is now selling a pill that treats skepticism.

But I'm not buying it.👍🇦🇺😀

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I had similar thoughts early on about the reliance on "The Vaccine" as the Answer, especially after I discovered that there had never been a successful vaccine developed against a coronavirus. At that point I was still not a complete anti-vaxxer, but I was aware that developing a truly safe and effective vaccine was not quite the done deal that they were making it out to be.

So that in itself was a trigger for my BS detector.

The confusing and illogical nature of all the lockdown rules also set off a warning signal. (For example, in our first lockdown in late March here in Australia, Scomo initially put hairdressers in the "non-essential" list, but after getting an earful from his wife, he came back next day and said that hairdressers were allowed, but only for a 30 minute appointment.)

But the complacency of people now, with legislation being put into place in every country to stifle free speech as disinformation and to give governments more emergency powers, is a bit discouraging. I would have thought that people would be more aware of government lies and gaslighting after the past 3 years - but no, it is too much of a stretch outside the comfort zone to believe that our governments might be not working in our interests (to put it mildly).

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My body. My choice.

My sacred soul has a voice.

They can stick the jabs up their arse.

I'm not buying their pharma farce.

For I'm a pureblood thinking man.

I reject their neo-feudal plan.

They will never needle me,

for I am strong and I am free.

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In fact the lockstep viruganda lockdowns and the unprecedented wave of uniformity of socalled response to the scamdemic, In short the loss of freedoms, or did we ever have any?, Were the gigantic clue not to comply with any part of the Harmacide, especially the koole aide needlerape.

Since, I've lost every fake friend, and have zero folks to play music with, except in my imagination, where I rock out with my band the cluster musicians, who sound great, but only I can hear

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The fraud in medicine which gets programmed into doctors, nurses, and other health professionals is being questioned.

Blaming viruses for diseases while ignoring other huge factors is the name of the game which promotes toxic vaccines and antivirals/antibiotics.

Some examples in history:

-smallpox, thought to be caused by a cow disease, was really eradicated by sanitation/clean water. Leicester and Cleveland chose to stop the toxic immunizations and focus on sanitation and they had much better results than the cities and towns that high immunization rates.

-Spanish flu, which couldn't be transmitted in experiments with prisoners, was caused by multiple factors. There was a world war going on and nutrition was reduced. Aspirin was over prescribed, leading to pneumonia, which was the main cause of death.

-COVID was linked to low vitamin D, just like the flu. Ever wonder why seasonality of the flu doesn't exist at the equator? They get much more sun exposure and they're outdoors much more than in the first and second world nations. Despite that, it's still believed that some invisible bug causes the flu, cold, rsv, COVID etc....

-ebola and marburg sound very scary and have a high rate of death... However years ago when Americans were "infected", half of them got better before treatment, and the other half got better quickly under treatment. These diseases are caused by environmental toxicity caused by mining, industry in Africa that commit gross pollution.


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Thank you for this. I very much agree, the focus needs to be on defending our rights, starting with bodily autonomy and freedom of speech.

Take the masks, for example. I still transcribe the occasional testimony on masks, because I'm aiming to assemble an archive of some use for future historians, but personally, I don't care a fig, pig nor twig about this mask issue. It's obvious to me that masks things don't work, a child could see that (and a child wouldn't want to wear one, either), that the masks are just a psy op-encouraged anxiety pacifier / virtue-signal, and therefore I don't have anything more to say about masks except that I AM NOT WEARING ONE. It's my right. And if someone disagrees, well, I also believe in free speech, so as far as I'm concerned, that person can blather on about how wonderful masks are, that other people should wear them, blah blah blah, that all day and all night and on 1,792 Twitter accounts as they please. Still, I'M NOT WEARING ONE. It's my right.

Of course my just saying, "I'M NOT WEARING ONE. It's my right" so doesn't make my right be respected by others, but it's the first and most necessary step.

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Recently someone told me she had applied for a pharmacist position..she's qualified and experienced. She was told that she would put other staff at risk because she is un vd...this I find a seemingly insurmountable hurdle..you can say " so you've had the jab so you are protected right?" And if it doesn't work for you what makes you think it will work for me?..maybe the world needs a clean out of these dumb ..dangerous and dumb people. There is no getting through to these fools. On the other hand in my travels south through BOP back to the south I bought a coffee and scone in Napier..lovely woman who knows the game now..she's had two jabs..regrets it and keen for information. I guess we have to keep questioning and not be afraid of challenging people.

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The Eternal Battle for Autonomy & Freedom will go on forever. An enduring characteristic of life on Earth, apparently, and now the latest iteration in all it’s magnificent malevolence. The sleepwalkers on the other side of the fence, large in number, have already found their “freedom” and social cohort. It won’t be easily given up. Just look at how the fractious political camps behave in other contested areas of policy and belief. It’s all bigger than Covid itself, and headed off the rails fast. We’re moving into the realms of eschatology.

Buckle up.

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Another excellent article Doc. I think you are absolutely correct about focusing our energies on bodily autonomy and human rights. But, there’s a small problem with regards to the issue of basic human rights as far as I can tell. Some people don’t know or can’t see what they are, even when it involves the invasion of their own body. This is what I found so confronting during covid. It absolutely astounded me that so many were not outraged by the coercive line the govt took. That should have been a reg flag right there. What’s happened to people? Have we been so systematically abused, psychologically and emotionally, over the years, that we now can’t recognise what is morally and ethically unjust and repugnant?

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"the only way I would receive the Covid Jab would be if I were shot dead first" my sentiments as well, much to my family's horror. Lead by example and contact your government representatives about saying NO to the WHO pandemic preparedness amendments.

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So many sorrows and so few apologies.

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Thank you for this post. I totally agree with you : we must reclaim our fundamental rights and spread the obvious to « those who were either naive, terrified, gullible, stupid or indifferent » (or cohersed).

As for myself, following the initial (and quite intense) fear, I was trying to understand this so-called « major danger » to us humans and exploring and reading everything more (or less) scientific I could access. I soon realized most of the rapidly rising number of covid deaths where among people aged 60+ (I was 64!), with, if I remember correctly, 95%+ aged 80+. Nevertheless we were told we were ALL in great danger. This was a first « trigger for my BS detector » 😉. With the fact that age groups were barely taken into account… The second trigger was for me to realise it was almost impossible to find data on « co-morbidities ». And later to learn that any death was automatically attributed by physicians to covid, even a death by heart attack! Therafter I remained (very) skeptical.

Like Mara, the illogical measures just turned me off.

But sadly some damages will remain for many, as my much vaccinated brother (77) died within 10 months with a ALS diagnostic…

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Having spent a fair amount of my clinical years in the critical care unit, I was aware early on that those being placed on ventilators were very rarely coming off them. Not until some wise Intensivist decided to ignore the FiO2 and use high flow nasal oxygen as well as steroids, and suddenly the Infection Fatality Rate plummeted to, as you say what John loannidis reported, about that of the flu. And this was known well before the jab roll out in NZ even started.

Initially I took a watch and wait approach. But then the pressure came on, and i don't know about anyone else, but to me it felt like they did not want one single man, woman or child on the face of this earth to remain unvaccinated.

When they mandated it I asked myself, what would it take for me to support mandatory vaccination? I could only come up with only two answers,

1) it would require a deadly disease, at least in the realm of 10-20% IFR, and

2) the jab would have to be able to stop either infection and/or transmission.

To those of us who retained our faculties for rationale and independent thought, it was clear neither of these conditions were anywhere near what was being claimed.

Let’s just say I am extremely proud to have withstood the immense pressure, and it would have been an extremely sad day for the human species if they had managed to get to a 100% jab rate. This would have ensured that if anyone ever decided to look into the medium to long term health outcomes of the 90% vs the 10% that there would not have been a 10%. So well done to you 10%, i think your job is not yet done.

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Thank you.

My guiding compass has been spinning lately.

The direction in which to move, a mystery.

Circling in the forest of lies and deception, wandering around so aimlessly.

I, growing tired

Hungry, cold and wet

Mentally and emotionally exhausted

Trying to take just one more step.

But in the back of my mind

Is this niggling thought of gloom

Is my step in the right direction

Or is it all futile..?

As I clamber towards my doom.

I can see the forest

And I can see the trees

I can hear the wolves in the distance

And I can feel the breeze

Frigid and it's frozen

Hunted, trapped and bare

As they nip at my heels

Hurrying me forth with fear

And any clearings I encounter

Are the same as months gone past

As I attempt to set my heading

In this mountain forest

This damned and dirty forest

Dark, steep, slippery, dense, dangerous forest

Hoping to find the pass.

For on the other side of the mountain

Valleys of morning sun

There is freedom there

Untouched and impenetrable hope

Without the wolves

Without frigid winds

Or twisting trees and scrub

Just freedom in its rawest untouched form

I know it is.

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Bravo! You have summarized our current situation exactly. I will send this to my friends and i hope they will pass it to their lists. Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing this article. Observations therein matched exactly my observations and conclusions since February 2020 forward.

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