I always look forward to your essays and writings. Even when I am tired, I read them right away. Somehow I suppose I worry they might not be there another day.

Once upon a time, I felt a strong desire to immortalize myself.

I refused anything less than being left as a statue in a park somewhere, with a plaque at my feet explaining my achievements to any passerby.

Here I stand. I shall live forever in stone. Marvel at me.

But as I grew, I contemplated the immense length of the universe and time in general. The seemingly infiniteness of it all.

Whether remembered for a minute. For an hour. Or for a hundred years or even a millennia.

Proportionate to the immense length of infinity it is all the same. Nothing. A blip.

That isn't to say my life has no meaning. Every smile has a meaning. Every tear. Every year. Everything is infinitely more meaningful than never having the opportunity to live either.

But here we stand in these days when evil, actual evil, does seem to exist.

And it does seem to be doing everything you say, for probably the exact reasons you suggest. An infantile and immature need to immortalize themselves. History can always be rewritten later with their names as the heroes.

But this future they write is only a fantasy.

Unfortunately it won't come to pass.

And instead one-day we will be the heroes and the world will know exactly what they did and how they cried when they were caught.

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a beautiful commentary, for which I thank you most profoundly, Conway

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gratuitous evil ..reminds me of the words of Oscar Wilde

“Yet each man kills the thing he loves,

By each let this be heard,

Some do it with a bitter look,

Some with a flattering word,

The coward does it with a kiss,

The brave man with a sword!

Some kill their love when they are young,

And some when they are old;

Some strangle with the hands of Gold:

The kindest use a knife, because

The dead so soon grow cold.

Some love too little, some too long,

Some sell and others buy;

Some do the deed with many tears,

And some without a sigh:

For each man kills the thing he loves,

Yet each man does not die.”

― Oscar Wilde, Selected Poems of Oscar Wilde including the Ballad of Reading Gaol

Death instinct at work I guess and the loss/absence of conscience to counter this pull towards destruction

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a wonderful reminder, from a great poet and writer -- thank you!

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I must say that the idea that people are ruled only by fear and this explained why they have dispensed with their senses does not make sense to me. This may be relevant for the average Joe but The writer is talking about public health physicians who know better. They can read scientific articles, critique and interrogate them and use their critical faculties to find inherent illogicality where it exits. The latest Cochrane review on masks is an example of this, which shows clearly and without a doubt that masks are not effective against this virus. Normally Cochrane reviews are gold standard and followed, and when a decision is made to ignore such a review, it tells us that what is going on is 'a looking the other way'..maybe they are ruled by fear but not fear of the virus but fear of authority. Fear of standing aside from the herd, and their masters and this kind of fear lives in the zone of evil because these public health physicians are choosing to sacrifice their professional integrity and dedication to truth for their own benefits, thereby increasing the hold of tyranny on all of this. Had doctors risen up and said what you are promoting does not make sense all of this would be over. What the medical profession did was the create a state of exception around covid and thereby destroyed itself and its own standing.

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Thank you for your exceptional observations, and I wish to commend particularly your concluding sentence, which represents a highly important insight!

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Yes, "a state of exception around covid" -- yes, that exactly.

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The one thing that seems quite apparent is they don't wake up in the morning and say "my gosh what have we done" and rectify the situation. And the information is out there and has been for years. In fact they actively suppress it.

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I agree that blaming it all on "principalities and powers" - some demonic external force - is an easy but unsatisfactory answer. However, blaming it all on some elite cabal is also unsatisfactory, in that it is still psychological projection, it still doesn't really uncover the cause, and it leaves us powerless to do anything about it.

The understanding of Evil - and the steps we can take to address it - is deeply complex.

As a psychologist with spiritual leanings, I have found Paul Levy's writings on Wetiko (described as a "mind virus") to be very helpful.


Paul Levy approaches the topic from multiple perspectives, including ancient Hebrew teachings, indigenous wisdom, and Jungian psychology.

In essence, he proposes that we are all infected to some degree with this mind virus, which can take us over if we allow it. This aligns with the Jungian concept of the Shadow archetype, which is part of each one of us but (like all archetypes) is liable to be projected externally. It needs to be said that we do usually choose appropriate hooks for our projection!

But also when we project, we tend to make it easier for the object of our projection to be taken over by the archetype (or in the words of a different cultural model, possessed).

And I think that is what we are seeing today: people selling their souls to the Devil (you can take this literally, psychologically or metaphorically), and thereby committing themselves to a course of continuing evil.

We can also go to M Scott Peck's "People of the Lie", in which Peck talks about evil from a spiritual and psychological perspective. Peck's conceptualisation of evil fits what we have been experiencing over the past few years, with a sort of banality about much of it (though not from the victim's point of view of course): government & regulatory officials selling out the people they should be protecting through greed for money and power.

Mind, I am not saying that there was not a highly organised movement to get us all to this point. The mind control has been highly sophisticated and deliberate - and we can see with events such as Event 201 that one of the biggest concerns and areas of focus was to control the narrative: the media, the "experts", even the legal arm of government.

With doctors, for example, here in Australia we had AHPRA (Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency) send out gag letters to all health practitioners, threatening them with disciplinary action if they said anything against the vaccines. And they were all mandated (in every state in Australia) to take the jabs - so anyone who understood the risks ended up losing their licence to practice.

All it took was for a couple of key people in the various agencies - AHPRA, the AMA, the TGA, etc - to be on board, and voila! you have control of the entire profession.

But who thought of this?


Maybe... but I tend to think that they were just brought on board with the promise of unbelievable profits, and then they paid off all the major parties of government, and some other key players, and mass hysteria did the rest.

Bill Gates?

Honestly, I don't think he is smart enough to come up with this. Psychopathic, yes, but smart, no. He got the success he has through stealing his partner's intellectual property, and being funded by Mummy and Daddy & their friends.

Klaus Schwab?


The Rotheschilds?

...you see how we can keep go back and back to try to figure out who is responsible, and it will most likely just be a case of peeling off layers of an onion. Yes, each layer stinks to high heaven and will make you cry, but what is behind it?

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Excellent points, thanks for the link.

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Thanks for the insights and the link.

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Tucker Carlson's recent interview with Ed Dowd is definitely worth the time to watch it:

Tucker Carlson Interviews Ed Dowd (Complete, Unedited Interview)


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Thank you for this.

As the old saying goes “there are none so blind as those who choose not to see”. For many there was comfort in participating in the collective, to look down on those who questioned, with a superior knowledge that they were lesser dangerous folk. Our collective conditioning can be easily manipulated to do harm, hence the nudge units were so effective. In life we morph often to adapt to the hat we are selected to wear, a parent, a doctor, a helper and with a nudge or two to be our brothers keeper and if need be his tormentor. The strong need to conform as a collective is methinks the key to how the majority are controlled and used to harm others and themselves. One has to be brave to step out; running on command into danger and possible death is not bravery - and yet we are here?!?

It is no measure of health to be well adiusted to a profoundly sick society.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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'Highly organized and coordinated by a relatively small group of overlords', no truer words have been written. There was nothing accidental about the entire covid operation!

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Splendid post, thank you.

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Caitlin Johnstone, like Desmet, ignores that the havoc caused by the con-vid lockdowns and vaccines are indeed done by the same crooked people that run the empire.

It's sad how these people could be so right about one thing but so wrong about the big picture...

Perhaps Ian Mcgilchrist would call them left hemisphere dominant. Those tend to be the very idealistic and obsessed with purity of thought.


Nikola Tesla — 'One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.'

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Hawks Perch, a commenter on NewZealandDoc's substack, posted this, which I thought was insanely accurate:

Critical Thinking –– The Other National Deficit

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Thank you for these wise words.

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Ok, great. Got that off your chest? Anyone who has spoken to a senior public health official, properly, authentically, trying to unravel what exactly has gone so horribly wrong over the past 3 years, will know, tragically, they are mostly not ‘evil’. They are sadly just exploited, vulnerable human beings. And our task ahead is to be mature enough to stop alienating them, and dismissing them as evil, and instead trying to understand how effective this behavioural science has been, more effective than we ever imagined, and to try to undo the propaganda. Just as their immune systems are reproducing that toxic spike protein, so has that propaganda clearly become embedded and reproducing inside their brains.

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Yeah, Dr. Bloomfield, a physician by training, was just 'exploited' ... just doing his job, like Dr. Mengele.

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Yeah, you can see clearly in this example how, confronted with cardiologist's opinion Dr. Bloomfield took upon his "exploited" self to override it. You wouldn't want to mention the strange, seemingly inherent inability of majority of medical practitioners to exercise their

mind and not just follow the bureaucratic directives. It just shows that some will obey no matter what, just doing what they're told to do.

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He trained for his medical degree in the NZ Army. As did the Victorian and Western Australian CHOs (chief health officers).


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I didn’t mention Bloomfield. I’m talking about the problems of making generalisations. Because if you have spoken to those in positions of power, you would understand. Using your real name also helps to overcome these barriers.

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I have the feeling you have not grasped the essence of this essay. I am making what I think are important depth-psychological observations about the nature of evil. I agree that many were exploited, but evil, as wielded by the 'overlords' also depends upon exploiting the evil within people to do their dirty deeds. I have spoken to a number of Parliamentarians here in New Zealand, and I have used my actual and real name, which is appended to my essays here. I stood on the steps of Parliament and pleaded with Parliamentarians to come down to those of us on the grounds to discuss our concerns about mandates. And on and on. Not ONE of them did. Not one of them ever replied to the many letters I sent to Parliament. Just for the record.

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Excellent reply.


It's lovely that some medical professionals and government officials are "nice" and "well-intentioned," and also I can understand that most were very frightened, but that doesn't change the fact that in the course of this covidian catastrophe a good number of them have committed very serious crimes in pushing experimental medical treatments without fully informed consent on patients and citizenry. I have compassion for all; we are all human, none of us is perfect, however, we do have agency, and if we are to live in something better than some iteration of LORD OF THE FLIES, those who have committed such serious crimes need to be held accountable before the law.

Thank you, NewZealandDoc, for all you have done and all you are doing to stand for freedom, and for your patients and fellow medical professionals.

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Have you truly spoken to them?

If so, who, when, how?

My attempts to have any say or discussion has been left sadly ignored.

Perhaps buried in their junk folders?

Perhaps all fifty or so attempts?

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I’m not talking about emails or being part of protests. Im talking about one to one, authentic, respectful conversation. And yes, it’s hard to get there, but it is possible.

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But I want to thank you for taking the time to comment and provide your opinions and engage in a courteous dialogue: it is very much appreciated, even if we may seem to differ. Thank you very much.

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It was impossible for me. I respectfully wrote to and requested meetings with doctors and MPs and Bloomfield . No-one agreed to meet with me and hear me out. I sat in on a meeting with the Human Rights Commissioner too, while others expressed concerns. None of them was interested: they had, quite clearly, another agenda to pursue.

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So may I ask how you achieved this?

Because I am very interested in trying this.

I would like to hear their perspective.

I would like to ask some questions.

And I hope they might be able to answer them.

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For those unfamiliar with one of the main documents that the psyops was based upon, search for Mindspace report to U.K. Gov. And yes, it was 10 years ago, which is part of the issue too. Planning made it powerful.

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Yes, I only just became aware of those documents a day or so ago.

And yes, I agree with you though. Ten years of cult conditioning isn't a small trifle to overcome and just a glance over those documents does show me what seems to be a more modern and up to date version of some of the books I've read over the last decade or so. Mind control, NLP, mind magic, social engineering, persuasion,

tribal organizations, sales etcetera all jumbled together.

Like they took the best of everything and mashed them into a masterpiece of crazy.

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Based on your first comment above, it appears that you may be generalizing as well.

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I sort of sense that too.

I have no doubt many are just exploited workers.

But I have no doubt a number of them are not. Who's who is hard to say. I don't know.

But I have to side with Manny, even exploited and somewhat ignorant of the details, when your job demands such careful consideration, for that is what you are paid to do, and to ignore so many pleas. Literally looking the other way whenever someone suggests harm. Suggests a new paper. Or even asks a question where answers are uncertain.

That level of not looking and not seeing, is evil.

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It is not ‘evil’ when the ‘level of not looking and not seeing’ is based entirely on fear. A fear that has been deliberately repeated for a specific purpose. And there is shame where the fear has been recognised. Look at Aseem for example, shame is a powerful motivator, perhaps THE most powerful.

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As a former soldier, trust me when I say I understand that perception.

Your sargeant is almost always more scary than the bad man with the gun.

Shaming yourself and your unit of greater consequence than dying in battle.

But it is all perception.

When you are asked to fire your rifle. It is you who pulls the trigger.

When you see someone you trust, fight with and dine with, kick a man when he is down. It is your choice whether you report that or ignore it.

And sometimes those positions feel like you are placed between a rock and a hard place.

I know, I have been there before a number of times myself.

But when those choices have such grave consequences.

I struggle, I truly struggle to see how and what leverage they are captured under to commit to the orders they otherwise are so blindly following.

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I don't know about Aseem though, if it was not for his father's demise maybe we would never have seen him coming out like he did.

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That's one way of seeing it. For many people, however, fear is a sin.

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Senior public health officials are plain dumb and stupid if they could not work out in 2020 that Covid 19 was the flu re-branded to make more money for big pharma. I did that in 2 months flat on furlough admittedly, but also being ill and very tired due to my health issue. I am not a medic. By June 2020 I had it worked out that vaccines, all vaccines ever were utterly pointless at best.


If senior public health officials are not plain dumb and stupid, then they are corrupt and evil. All I have seen is a deliberate attempt to lie, lie and lie again despite the blindingly obvious facts. That is pure evil.

I would mention that the mainstream doctors in NHS misdiagnosed me. The bulk of them are pig ignorant about disease. They offered me and I took immuno-therapy because I trusted them. In fact I had poisoning from sodium nitrite (E250). Its toxic effects have been known for over 100 years yet no one ever asked about my diet.

Senior public health officials and medics should have made it their business to understand this but they sold out to the big pharma model of health.

And that is pure evil and poison.

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Yes much the same re the virus albeit I have kept going and now don't even believe in viruses. I was never going to take the vaccines no matter where I was at.

I often say this but I did a course at John Hopkins in May/June 2020 (basically a moot requiring about 50 hours of work) on epidemics. There was a forum attached to the course. Nobody of the 6k or so students in that course believed a word of what they were being told.

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Fascinating re the course. I consider viruses as the exosome, so a friend not foe. Akin to the garbage men clearing the trash/clutter from the cells, the factory floor if you will.

So viruses exist but misunderstood. This is standard tactic of evil ones, take something real, twist the truth and then elaborate on the lie, inflating it to balloon size. We are popping the balloon at last.

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Comment deleted
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Well said. The problem with virology theory as it stands is that it is fundamentally flawed. Viruses in the way we are told do not exist although the theory is based around something real, hence the deception. Satan uses something good and corrupts it as always.

Viruses as seen through the electron microscope are if anything are the exosome, part of the body's own defence system.

Variants of virus are made up to scare the children as it were. I write much about the scam here.



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