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The Freedom Trucker Convoy in Canada was the only time in the last few years I wasn’t ashamed of my country.

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I can’t wait to see what effect this film will have on New Zealanders and the world in general. This is art’s contribution to society at its best! Bravo for your part in this!

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They will fail the next time.

It's just like what happened during the civil rights movement in the USA.

The first waves of protests were looked down by other people. They looked away while the police state cracked down on the peaceful protestors.

Eventually, public opinion changed. The police were no longer considered to be the "good guys". Excess force, when over used starts to look bad.

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Its really good that the movie is making such an impact yet I fear apathy will prevail, it is what Nzers are famous for. "Ahh well, she'll be right"

Now I'm a peace loving guy, but I'm hardening and getting ready for more shite to come.

The (s)elected incoming government will move forward with the agenda, which will include injections, Luxon has stated he (they) will provide financial incentives for doctors to improve levels of "immunization" uptake.

I feel like we are quite literally in the eye of the storm. The planners do not intend abandoning the agenda now.

There's a lot of us filthy river folk..more and more

Still, I fear apathy will be our downfall.

Unless we make the corrupted political medical and scientific purveyors of BS and propaganda s..t scared they will push on.

No more nice guy. It's a small country, we can see and identify each and every one of the local "influencers"..no doubt paid by govt and big pharma..they need to know it will not be tolerated again.

The police around here are doing a lot of training with dogs, are they getting ready for rounding up folk? Or expecting an uprising and need to protect the political class? They sure as hell don't work for the people!

It's a worry.

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I saw the livestreams of 2 March 2022 - "a date which will live in infamy" - and among many other barbarities, that were quite literally unbelievable to this typical Kiwi who has always assumed the cops were decent types you could have a chat with on a street corner - among all this state-incited violence I saw on someone's phone a friend of mine being assaulted by a cop who charged at him and rammed into him with his shield - twice - and sent him flying when all my friend was doing was standing by himself making pacifying gestures while dressed in an animal suit because he had gone there to entertain the kids.

Of course, the livestreams were taken down pretty quickly, and while I regret that more New Zealanders didn't get to see them, maybe it was a good thing they didn't, because it will be a long time before I can see another New Zealand police officer without feeling a resonance of the shock and anger I felt then. I wouldn't wish this rude awakening on anyone. The police lost a lot of their hard-earned respect that day. We assumed we were employing them to protect us, the citizens; instead it seems their first allegiance is to the government, no matter how criminal its actions.

It wasn't just the government that lost respect and credibility during the covid debacle - am I the only one who feels disgust at seeing those smug, self-serving, duplicitous and criminal faces on the election billboards? - but most of the authorities in our society: the legacy news media, the police, the medical establishment, the judiciary, the academy, the school system. What do we have left that is unsullied?

Someone has done a very good job of dismantling New Zealand society - from the bottom up by dividing families and friends, and from the top down by revealing the authorities' betrayal of trust and their contempt for the public. It's going to be a long, long road back from here toward a South Pacific paradise. First we need a majority of people to wake up - which is happening, painfully slowly, as people have their individual revelations due to the death of a loved one, their own chronic ill health, perhaps a venturesome foray away from the six o'clock news into 'alternative media', and perhaps also through this marvelous documentary. But even this is just the beginning. We have to get over the anger. We have to realise that a frightening thing is needed: change. Fundamental, all-encompassing, social and individual change. And then we'll have to mobilise. It's going to be a job, all right.

If we pull it off, we'll have the society that nearly 30,000 of our men died to protect in two World Wars, that the pioneers intended New Zealand to become, that we always hoped New Zealand would find its way to being, that it always had the potential of becoming. And if we don't pull it off, we're stuffed. Interesting times.

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Dear Dr Garcia, "Recovering Protestor", I cannot thank you and your heroic colleagues enough for your courage in raising the alarm and providing so much support to the freedom movement during that dark time and now.

The filmmakers have produced a true and beautiful record of the protest and it is a treasure for our nation. It is inspiring to see that the screenings at our local cinema in Wellington are already sold out and that some of my fence sitting friends have expressed an interest in viewing the film.

It was absolutely beautiful, poignant and cathartic to see the convoy and the freedom village at the sold out the WCC owned iconic Embassy Theatre, and to recognise so many familiar faces and new friends at the premiere.

Yes, we are still here and we aren't going away!

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I truly hope that we are better prepared...

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Here's a first hand accountgiving some more insight into the police brutality at parliament. It was shadow banned on Facebook at the time it was published on Odysee.

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River of Freedom, like all movements, need a strategy that's up to the job. Our adversary is a lot more powerful than most people realise, I.e.


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Thanks Doc that is a timely reminder of all those political transgressions made by those politicians who now want our vote. I think Winston Peters and David Seymour may have broken ranks to visit "Sin City" during the protest and I may be voting for them for their political independence.

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I was part of like a half dozen protests, including one at fakebook in Menlo with RFKjr before the changed their thumbthing out for the flattened meta infinite...

That seems like years ago now, haven't heard nor seen any protests about neither the scamdemic nor the US war against Russia....nor , frankly, the next new scamdemic.

Oh well.

The protests I attended all achieved less than zero, they seemed to break up any cohesion that may have been prior.

One guy has drove from Portland to SF to attend a rally that condemned Australia for locking down..

But I saw little real will to change , hence they all fizzled out....

Now if someone says they are part of the medical freedom movement, I think to myself, what a wonderful tis too late world

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This is great news, I will look forward to watching this. Funny, only a few minutes ago I finished transcribing a couple of TikToks by an American comedian. He's got the freedom spirit! And it's impossible to know, but judging by the over 6,300 comments, it seems TikTok is not shadow-banning him.

"Lockdowns again?"

Ross duh Boss, posted August 22, 2023



Ross du Boss films himself in his car. At the opening, the screen briefly shows a clip of text, apparently from an email, dated August 20, 2023 from Morris Brown College to faculty, staff and students, announcing the return of a mask mandate, physical distancing, and other covid-19 protocols.


ROSS DU BOSS: Ha ha ha ha ha! They think we're going to lock down again, bro!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

I will be the capital o most obnoxious version the world has ever seen of myself, if anybody around me tries to participate in this bullsh*it. And I'm not alone, comment below if you're ready to just absolutely call this sh*t out.

If I see one person with a mask, I'm quoting every single study from actual industrial hygienecists and the CDC about all of it.

You're not going to lock us down, ruin our economy, again, tell us we can't visit loved ones while they're dying, make us give our parents sh*tty funerals, delay cancer treatment for thousands and thousands of people, watch our kids plunge into obesity, suicidal thoughts and depression, watch the collective IQ of all of our children drop by 20 percent while you extract all of the money from the middle class and give it to the elites.

Nah, bro, it's not going to go the way you think it's going to go this time.

You want to debate about if any of sh*t actually works to help, please do. We're ready.



#   #   #


As of September 9, 2023 this video has over 6,300 comments. A sampling of the first 40:

Jenny McCarthy



At this point they need to just separate us into thinkers and non thinkers because living this way is asinine 😭


That’s the biggest NOPE I have ever NOPED


guessing the borders won't get locked down though.......

Snowflake Melter

First time we were caught off guard. Now we know the game and the players. We will play like our freedom is at stake.


Here in Alaska we didn’t participate in playing pandemic the 1st time and will not period😅


We are not playing the silly game this time.

Michael Hoffman

The second the school says a thing about mask ky kids out

Jenny McCarthy



I was born for defiance baby this is what I live for! let's go! 🙏


100% stand with you!! 👏🏼🇺🇸 I love my freedom too much! And my children’s freedom!


YES we are NOT playing their game


No way am I doing it.


Not happening!!

Mary Swanson



100% in!!!


They can’t make us all do it


They aren’t gonna tell me I have to wear a seatbelt or work or pay bills either! They can’t tell us what to do! ANARCHY!!




I’m in!!!!


Resistance is futile 😎


Let’s go!!

Tammy Korpal



I’m with you! They better not try that s—t AGAIN!

Carrie Blackburn

Not gonna do do, not gonna do it

Austin Jorgensen

Preach it brother!

Boop 🖤

We readyyyy


Go, bro! Heck nah!


I'm in!




I’m in

Samantha Livingston

🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️I’m in 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️


I’m in!


Yup I’m in I’ve already been talking about how people have been fooled lmao


It ain't gunna happen like they want it too 😂😂👌


Totally in and with you!! We will not comply!! HARD PASS!! 🤣🤣👍✌️


Let’s go!


Not gonna do it




I’m with ya brother 💪

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