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Excellent article, thanks, Dr Garcia.

Re doctors who took it, my husband is a GP, not a specialist, but I absolutely remember him saying, of the new-fangled jabs, in December 2020, 'well I won't be going near them and I think most other doctors won't either'. By January he'd taken one, later took another, then at the end of 2021 took a booster, which was followed a week later by his collapsing unconscious on the kitchen floor, an ambulance call-out, a visit to hospital and 8 months of being sporadically and not very intensively 'followed up' by a cardiologist, who very conscientiously refused to engage with my enthusiastic pointing out of the temporal association of his collapse with the booster.

When questioned on the point later, hubby claimed he had no memory of ever saying he wouldn't go near the jabs (is selective amnesia more of a male thing? - it certainly seems so to many of us women!!). Anyway, he spends hours every day on doctors' blogs like Pulse, which are pretty much subsidised and therefore moderated by Pharma interests. So, his decisions would be determined by a mixture of the zeitgeist at work (out-of-hours GP colleagues) and those blogs, as well as the usual MSM propaganda.

When he said in January 21 that he had an appointment for the jab, I asked if his colleagues generally thought it was safe. He said yes, he thought so. Being entirely non-medical myself, outside of 20 years in medical publishing, I thought they knew better than me, so I allowed myself to be persuaded too. Twice. Then I went down the rabbit hole and found out what was going on - and realised how little most doctors actually know about immunology. He hasn't taken any jabs since, not even flu, which he used to take regularly, as it was always pushed for doctors. But, while he occasionally comes out with a sardonic 'we're doomed', in response to everything I've endlessly said about the Agenda, he simply won't come out and openly acknowledge what's going on, let alone mention anything to his colleagues - even after friends of mine dying and his own 65-year-old multi-jabbed sister being diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

A retired GP friend of his, who was really an excellent doctor, basically told me I had to stop talking about it after I told her his collapse was because of the booster. She got quite cross and said we'd have to agree to disagree but made it clear the topic was absolutely off limits. Even the ones, like them, whom I used to see as doctors who thought outside of the box, just don't. It's just that their box is one size up from the smallest medical-orthodoxy box, but it's still a box.

On the subject of boxes, you might like James Delingpole's article on 'How red-pilled arbiters of truth discredit our cause'.


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I felt that someone just read my mind .

excellent writing!

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It seems that those most likely to go along with a tyrannical regime are two groups at the opposite ends of the socioeconomic spectrum: the uneducated and the highly educated. The former tend to fearfulness and consequently are usually looking for a leader. The latter attain high-income high-prestige occupations - judges, lawyers, doctors, academics, scientists - which makes them vulnerable to threats of professional termination. Also the highly educated are easily bribable with professional and commercial opportunities arising with any new regime.

I love studying philosophy and history. The former taught me critical thinking. The latter taught me there's nothing new under the sun: whatever's happening now has happened before. So what beats me is why aren't our historians saying anything? Do we have any historians? Any educated person could see the parallels and start adding things up. So why aren't they? Or if they have added up, why aren't they saying anything? Is it really just fear of losing their prestigious positions and incomes? Are they really that pusillanimous and shallow?

I only became interested in covid early in 2021 when I heard that government agents were bribing adolescents to get jabbed using junk food vouchers and cold hard cash (I couldn't help thinking of Jethro Tull's Aqualung in his greasy mack loitering around playgrounds holding out sweets in his grubby paw and murmuring, "Come here, little girl"). Anyway, this was so obviously wrong that alarm bells went off. Then I realised that our government was using the same brainwashing tactics as the Nazis had in 1933 and 1934 (Ardern with her communications degree is surely familiar with the work of Joseph Goebbels) and - incredibly - the New Zealand population was responding much as the Germans had back then, as though we hadn't had 87 years to think about it.

My predominant emotions during this debacle have been a tennis match between fascination and incredulity, with the back-and-forth brought to periodic jarring halts by an angry umpire.

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Very insightful. Quite like the phrase “self-controlled opposition”. I’m still shocked at what I witnessed through cv19. Not sure how, but group impacts of fear, anxiety and conformity, as well as, a incompetent or corrupt mass media needs to be addressed by more people then I currently see.

Another great essay, thank you! 🇨🇦

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Thanks Doc, you're obviously keeping up with what mumbling Joe has been trying to get out of his mouth over there. I for one don't think i'll be rushing to line up for my .. . . . . . umm....... first jab. The constant scary new variants seem to appear not long before the new updated jabs don't they? I'm sure it's pure coincidence though

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I don’t know how to explain the passivity and self censorship for those experts whose opinions are often upheld in court as evidence .

I can say that when I came to fully realize how a needle has been fashioned to do what a snake fang can do for injecting toxics into another beings tissue, and how the majority of injections research uses proteins from venoms, bacteria and viruses to test for a possible “beneficial outcome” I am completely convinced that we should in all sincerity consider what medicine would be like without injecting things into people. It’s like we’ve opened a Pandora’s box and no one is willing to stop using the tools so it’s hush,hush, don’t talk cause once you start looking at the real results of injecting a portion of the same fetal protein into as many people as possible as often as possible globally for generations it becomes problematic to look for genetic mutations and more heterogeneous gene expression in the average population which in turn makes a case that future injectables will show effects on a larger normative baseline in the population. Personally I would like to remain as far from “normal “ as possible- always have . Maybe the reality of what has happened with gene manipulation and “vaccines “ is becoming understandable for a select few and the idea that they will be able to find a way to repair the damage by testing newer gene therapies is their way of justifying participation in this absurd maniacal experiment and conspiracy.

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 Transhumanist Neo-Feudalism (Fascism) in Action

“Let's be clear,

the future is not just happening;

the future is built by us,

a powerful community here in this room.

We (Ubermensch) have the means to impose the state of the world”

-- Clown Schwab, Davos 2022.

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"Effective at what, one may ask? "

Effective at creating mass psychosis

Effective at preventing voting in person in 2024 so that Bidensky can rig elections using mail-in ballots

Effective at turning people's attention from the UkroNazistan disaster in an election year

Effective at turning people's attention from Biden crimes family's investigations related to their business dealings in Ukraine and China

Effective at buying more gene therapies from Murderna and Schizer so that NIH staff can earn more retro-commissions

..... Welcome to the empire of chaos, a Banana Republic, the Roman empire by the Potomac...

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"their scepter of fear" is a brilliant image. Exactly.

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—And the Beat Goes On with the on-going witness to the terrifying and tragic reality of the consequences of the largest coercive medical experiment on human beings in history; see the ongoing archive of MCM's "In Memory of Those Who Have `Died Suddenly'" since Feb 2022 at:


—As well as very partial ongoing lists:





—As well as the "glue" that binds up all this reality to extinguish WE THE PEOPLE:

State Censorship & Gagged Thought - Once Unthinkable, Now Run-Of-The-Mill


—As well as annotated transcripts of all 5 Episodes of NEVER AGAIN IS NOW GLOBAL:


Richard Feynman: ‘I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned’.

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Bravo! Thank you.

Relatedly, this is one I found only a few days ago, from 2021. A crystal-clear thinker, in my view.

“This Is Not About Politics. This Is Tyranny. This Is About Freedom Of Choice.”

Sunfellow On COVID-19, posted August 24, 2021



CHRISTIAN GRANUCCI: My name is Christian Granucci. I'm a captain with the Los Angeles City Fire Department. I'm a 31 year veteran with this agency. And I'm more than likely going to catch total grief from my administration from this. But I am done being silent on this matter. And so are many of our members. And this is regarding the vaccine mandate by the City of Los Angeles for all city employees.

We saw this tyranny coming. We saw it coming across the Pacific. And a week and half ago it landed in Honolulu, with the Honolulu Fire Department. And we watched a passionate plea from Captain Pelekai,* literally in tears, being forced to resign because he chose not to take the vaccine. Forced to leave the department after faithfully serving it for years.

Then it landed on our coast. It hit San Francisc—, it hit San Francisco Fire. And we heard the stories up there. Our union representation stood by idly and played a wait and see. And sat on their hands.

Well now it's here in Los Angeles. And the mandate has come down from the mayor and the city council that we, all city employees, including first responders, shall take the vaccine.

If we do not take the vaccine we have to be subjected to testing twice a week. If we refuse that, termination.

Again, I'm a 31 year veteran of this department. I have literally bled for this department. I used to love coming to work. I respected the administration of this department at one point. I even respected our union leadership. And now they are lockstep with total tyranny.

I want you to be clear on this. I want everyone to be clear on this. This is not about politics. This is not about left or right. This is not about red versus blue. This is not about Republican versus Democrat. This isn't even about vaccinated versus unvaccinated. This is tyranny. This is about freedom of choice.

The department has said that we can seek medical exemptions if we so choose, if we can. That is a pie in the sky. We can even try and seek some kind of religious exemption, but they know that they have end runs around those.

The vaccinations will come. And then after that, it will be a booster and another booster and another booster. And when will this end? When will this tyranny stop? I'll tell you where it's going to stop. It's going to stop right here right now. And I am putting my administration and my union on blast. You had the opportunity to get in front of this and you didn't. We want to give you the opportunity to do the right thing and represent the membership.

You'd think that the union that's there fighting for the little guy would jump in front of this, and this would have all kinds of handles on it for you to grab and run this in for a touchdown. But no, you decided to play politics with this.

An you have the, you have half this department, you have a split right down the middle. And this is what tyrants want. They want to split down the middle, they want to divide and conquer.

I am so hopping mad right now, you have no idea. My head could pop.

Again, we want to give our union the opportunity to step in front of this and do the right thing. But know this. There is a large group of us, in the hundreds, and we have an attorney on retainer and he is a shark. We'll give you the opportunity to stand up and take the fiery arrows from the adversary of tyranny and step in front of this and fight for us. But if you don't, our Plan B, a large group, and it is growing by the day, we have him on retainer and we will seek legal counsel and we will take the fight to you, the City of Los Angeles.

Again, I'm going to catch so much grief for this. But I don't care. I wouldn't be able to look at my wife. And she's going to kill me. I wouldn't be able to look at my wife, though, and my sons, in the eye, as they grew up under total tyrannical law and rule, when I had a chance to stop this, I had a chance to fight, but I did nothing.

This is bigger than me, this is bigger than the Los Angeles City Fire Department. This is bigger than my union. I don't recognize this place anymore. I don't recognize this country, I don't recognize this state, I don't recognize this department any more.

Again, I want you to be very clear, I want everyone to be very clear on this, this is not a political issue, this is not left right, this is not Democrat Republican, this is not vaxxed unvaxxed, this is a fight for freedom of choice, free will. This is a fight against tyranny.

Make no bones about it, we have an uphill battle. A sizable financial commitment from several hundred of our members. I don't want to be doing this at the end of my career. I'm looking to do a few more years on this department and just fade off into the sunset. But you know what, damn it, this landed in our lap and we got to do something. We can't sit back and let this happen, let this happen to our country.

I'll leave you with this. And I saw this online couple days ago. It was a gym owner in Oceanside, California. And like so many businesses here in California, they have just been knuckled under. And he was speaking in front of his city council and he pointed at them. And he said, you told us, like the country's administration told us, and you, our city government, told us, just give us two weeks to flatten the curve. And this has gone from 2 weeks to flatten the curve to show me your papers.

We all see what's happening here. I can't sit idly by anymore. If things have moved that fast in the last 18 months, where the hell will we be in the next 18 months?

God bless all the first responders out there. You need to turn around and put your union on check and have them fight for you. And if they don't, you take the battle to them any way you can and you assemble all the numbers that you can, as many people as you can, and you take the fight to them. We outnumber them. I'm out.



#   #   #


* He refers to Honolulu Fire Captain Kaimi Pelekai's testimony. See:

"Very sad fire chief pours his heart out for all to hear"

Posted August 16, 2021


Transcript: ttps://transcriberb.dreamwidth.org/96866.html

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Howdy, from a fan of your writing. I'd like to address a few points which might feel challenging to you:

"I figured that they would go everywhere"

- We actually had really good data within months of the vaccine being available, which showed it going everywhere. The Japanese biodistribution study was the most famous of these.

"A doctorate trains me in first principles"

- I contend that you have this skill despite your training, not due to it. There is a reproducibility crisis in your field which highlights just how captured allopathic medicine has been for almost a century, and that the idea of 'critically thinking specialists' is a largely a myth ('The death of the professions' is a good book on this). Groupthink and other biases (money!) override the scientific method in the vast majority of cases, which is why the myth persists that modern medicine is scientific. It simply is not. (Engineering has no such controversy, so many diagnostic tools and surgeries are not included in this claim). Dr Aseem Malhotra is fond of quoting the analysis showing something like 4% of our improvements in lifespan are due to allopathic efforts (thank sanitation instead). Steven Patterson makes a good case for a modern dark age: (https://steve-patterson.com/our-present-dark-age-part-1/), and Robyn Chuter does a superb job of linking all these aspects on her substack: (https://robynchuter.substack.com/p/the-adhd-scam)

"Vaccines have endless debate"

- This is simply not true. RFK Jr has had a decades long invitation to publicly debate the childhood vaccine schedule and no takers. 'Turtles all the way down' does a good job of documenting the specifics of how debate is always avoided. 'Dissolving illusions' shows the longer historical record.

"informed consent"

- Does not exist for vaccines. No one documents long term harmful effects, so no informed consent is possible. Informed consent on the benefits is also not possible. Vaccines are only required to show short term immunoglobulin measure changes, which is falsely equated with immunity.

"We are at war"

One of the reasons I like your substack is that you mostly have this truth as a context for what you write. I hope this comment helps you become less vexed at least - this did not all start with the Covid Crimes!

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The better mRNA is coming and all the masks and lockdowns were a ruse, a spy game, something to condition us into lining up to get jabbed. It's as though they benevolently held our hand and asked us which we would prefer, to be isolated or to be vaccinated. And being good children, we said: "Vaccinated, please." Their aim is to control through ongoing vaccine programs. I think every institution, be it medical, governmental, or educational, each institution has members who work towards seeing that this agenda is carried out.

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The supreme art of war is to win without fighting

And so it is advantageous to have the enemy divide themselves and defeat themselves.

In fact I have noticed lately a series of common tactics, repeated again and again.

Distance yourself from wrongdoing

Deny all allegations

Discredit any opposition

Delay releasing important information

Deceive the public opinion

Distort the data with stats

Divide any challengers

And let disarray muddy the facts.

I think these tactics are important to understand because they allow for the confusion to go on and on.

Yet once you notice them they're so obvious that they're wrong.

I'm not sure how they did it and hoodwinked almost everyone.

Especially those who should have known better, or initially spoke against it. I still think they must have used every trick in the manipulators handbook.

But even with all that it surprises me as to how effective their propaganda and chants were.

And so, I fret of another wave of this cult like madness.

Because logic and reason just isn't sinking in when we need it. This is deeper, more primal, subliminal and habitual that is driving their behaviour.

Trigger - behaviour - punishment/reward

And round and round the cycle goes until it's conditioned.

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Breaking News:

Multiple Family Members or Couples Suffering COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries or Sudden Deaths.

No One Is Willing to Report It, Entire Families Are Being Wiped Out


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This is an excellent point. Thank you again for all your work.

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