Virus or not your last paragraph sums it up nicely. Have just listened to Neil Oliver on who guards the guards?..who watches the watchers?. These lowlife politicians and career pharma medical criminals think they're going to get away with it. Perhaps they will. I hope not. I remain angry. Eff them all..the long short and tall.

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The only gain of function is gain of fiction. (Aka propaganda)

Though they did use that story lurking in the background to promote the fear of something synthetic, to promote the jabs and extreme treatments like remdesevir and ventilators.

Yeadon's view follows Occam's razor. He mentions Denis Rancourt and his data showing many peculiarities. Total deaths did not increase by much. Most deaths attributed to con-vid were at an average age higher than life expectancy.

But this one takes the cake and destroys the pathogenic virus story:

Denis found that the sicknesses and death data respected state borders in the USA.

Haha, he even joked how smart the virus must be to infect NYC badly but not cross over to New Jersey.

Anyway, besides the medical murder, we were primed to expect the sickness. We were told the symptoms to expect if infected.

I got sick in fall 2020 iirc, but I've usually not got the "flu" in the last decade so it felt tough and new to me. Nothing special besides eating light and taking vitamin C, D etc.

Later on I thought to myself that in these tough times, stress could have started it or just some environmental factor or perhaps I wasn't eating that well. Who knows?

There's a good video on Toxicology vs virology that is well done by one of your fellow citizens 😎


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Thank you for a clear statement of what we know and what we don’t know. Bringing all of this to light may be our best chance to discourage future attempts. However we need to understand that the plan was devised by people devoid of conscience.

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Thanks for this summary of the parallel narratives to keep the momentum up to wear us all down and distracted.

So how did they co-ordinate so many to be in lock step with the messaging and brutality? The many institutions that dropped their lofty stated aims and objectives to protect and safeguard the populations they served. Each replaced their inclusive mandates of protection with rigid dictates of conformity or else you will be excluded and at times imprisoned.

Are we all programmed with a mental switch that if triggered turns us into virtuous gate keepers and enforcers. If so how is that switch triggered? I watched as my siblings became the high priests of righteousness insisting on extreme measures to exclude those deemed unclean and a danger because they were healthy but non conforming to this new mantra. The speed of conformity and glee with which so called educated and informed people switched scared me most. Is that me too I asked myself!!???

Is it that we all have many personalities built in and each manifests when triggered by some external stimulus? If so we are far from being free as we can be triggered to conform to whatever madness they want to create next.

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Yes, GET ON WITH THE FUTURE and inform people about the false climate nonsense instead of giving the propaganda any validity.

Get people focussed on The WHO !! they are about to force a World Government on The People, along with all the other programmed CBDC etc.,

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“From my personal experience of illness I am convinced that a covid pathogen existed, that it was infectious, and, judging from peculiarly strange symptoms, that it was unnatural.”

That’s a ditto from me.

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I'm a big fan of Sun Tzu and his 'Art of war'

Confusion and deception is the hallmark of a strong campaign.

When strong, appear weak.

When large, appear small

When organized, appear distracted

When near, seem far. Etcetera

Like you, I think the simplist explanation is both the most likely. And the most dangerous. So from my own simple algorithm for prioritizing risk.

–Firstly, assess for the most catastrophic hazards.

–Secondly, assess for the most likely hazards.

Then, if any appear in both categories those hazards become the highest priorities to manage.

The following emerges.

What would craft the best possible bioweapon?

1) It would be selective. Eg, it will not infect anyone it was not supposed to. This way your forces, or yourself cannot be easily infected upon its release.

2) It would spread easily and be resistant to most controls to stop the spread.

3) It would infiltrate a population slowly without them being aware of the danger. For to do so quickly, will alarm more and they will run for the hills and isolate thus missing the mark.

4) Be resistant to treatment.

5) Primarily it will incapacitate and weaken but not necessarily kill. When people die, the living often move on. When people are wounded or sick, the others flock to their aid. People won't readily leave sick family members and friends to writhe in agony. Making the masses more suggestible and controllable later.

6) Cheap and easy to disperse

7) Difficult to trace the origins

If you wanted to meet all of those criteria...

It's not hard to imagine how that could be done.

First, create a panic. Release a small amount of an weaponized (gain of function) virus. This will create panic and yet appear natural. But that virus can spread and infect others, so let's make it degrade quickly. Lose its spike protein. Devolve and become less lethal in a short period of time so it won't spread too far in this highly dangerous form. If released in a few major urban areas, it'll surely be noticed.

Second, take the dangerous part of that bioweapon and put it in the cure. Then get people to take the cure. This trick ensures it only goes to those you want it to, but won't spread to those you don't.

If we use a genotoxic substance, say something carcinogenic and mutagenic, most people won't get sick for a number of years after exposure. Say five to seven years later.

This way we can get maximum uptake before anyone even realizes what has happened. And by the time they do...

Too late.

When the sick start getting sick, we will demand more injections. We will create more controls. Each step along the way there will be a problem – reaction – solution prefabricated to keep the population responding exactly how they ought to. As they are slowly led into their own prisons and then into their own unmarked graves.

Sun Tzu - The ultimate art of war is to win without fighting.

If you can make your enemy fight themselves and lead themselves towards defeat... Why wouldn't you.

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Thank you for this.

Re: "there is no ambiguity whatsoever about the glaring subversions of the role of medicine and human rights"

This is where I stand: that this is not acceptable. And may those who have committed these crimes be held accountable before the law.

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Thank you Emanuel.

I am completely on board with your rational clarity, throwing the light of truth on this deliberate program of confusion.

Your experience of the germ echoes my own where I sensed it was not natural and seemed to be attacking my vagus nerve with symptoms including nausea, lack of balance(not dizziness) and headache. This makes me wonder if my body has been able to develop natural immunity against a bio-weapon.

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Like water running downhill it's tempting to take the easy path. The more we know the more we realise we do not know. Sometimes even I am tempted to look away. It's too big, it's too confusing. too overwhelming, too diverse.

Part of the plan? Probably. Wear us down, keep the pressure on, trust we will yield not just to this but all the other stuff coning down the tubes, all hot on the heels of each other, all globally and synchrnised. Whether we succumb to this onslaught or not is down to us I guess, but it's hard going. Water goes downhill.

Thnaks for a great post NZDoc.

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Did you not take an unlicensed, "programmed", leap when you associated your own experience of unusual symptoms with "the virus'? What if the cause was actually some combo of microwave or other radiation, atmospheric pollution, etc.?

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Good points. We live, we learn and the more we learn, the less we know. It’s always good to keep questioning with an open mind, thanks for encouraging that. A lot of people claimed they experienced ‚special‘ symptoms, however how much did it really differ from flu symptoms if we wouldn’t have been told about symptoms over and over again? Another good summary with a different conclusion:


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Fear is a powerful tool. Once harnessed, there is an endless number of possibilities. Thank you so much for your concise, yet illuminating, article. You hit all the points. Now, what can we do to wake the others from their slumber or hypnosis?

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For the flu to not be showing up on testing at all then the situation would need to be:

A. No flu in the population.

B. A test that was 100 percent accurate, that didn’t produce any false positives.

Both A and B sound highly unlikely.

Something wasn’t right.....

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