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A Conversation with Dr. Rene de Monchy

a free-flowing, unrehearsed, uncut and completely spontaneous exchange with a medical freedom fighter here in New Zealand

For anyone having trouble watching, here is another link:

In this conversation the extraordinary Dr. De Monchy discusses his childhood influences, including his father, who was knighted in Holland for his work in the resistance against the Nazis during World War II, Albert Schweitzer, his medical work in Africa, and his ideas about health, consciousness, spirituality and the challenges imposed on us by the Corona War. He was mandated out of his job as a psychiatrist in New Zealand for refusing the Pfizer jab, but he is now working again in the New Zealand health system, as he describes during the interview.

One feature of this new series is to allow interviewees to speak at length, unhurried, freely and spontaneously, and to create an archival record too of those who have been doing good and standing strong in the midst of grave challenges to integrity, and the subversion of human rights.

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