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New Zealand's Secret Jab Mandate Exemptions and More: A Conversation with Lawyer Liz Lambert


I learned recently that over eleven thousand people received Significant Service Disruption Exemptions from the Jab Mandate imposed upon healthcare workers from November 2021 through September 2022. Lawyer Liz Lambert clarifies matters and discusses many issues of workplace law as well with me as she fights on against the illegal terminations of those who refused to be jabbed.

About Liz:

I was a late student, I started at around 40 years of age at University of Auckland with a post-graduate diploma in Labour Studies, a collaboration between the Union movement and the University of Auckland. A great course that covered history of the Labour movement,  health and safety at work and Macro Economics of the labour market to name some of the papers. I wanted to become a union organiser. 

I loved study and so decided to enroll full time I graduated eventually with a conjoint BA (Political Studies) and LLB from UoA in 2001 

I worked the first 2 years out of law school for the Service and Food Workers Union and then tired of office politics and for personal reasons. I left and spent the next 15 or so years working in a variety of jobs mostly self employed 

I have been involved in politics a lot over the years mainly at community board level and have voted for a range of parties. I'm staunchly non party political now, and the union I founded late last year runs on those non partisan principles. 

Number 8 Workers Union of New Zealand

Link to documents discussed here:

Alternative video site: bitchute

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