My Conversation with Elena Bishop, M.D.

a fireside freedom exchange

Dr. Bishop worked as a pathologist here in New Zealand until the imposition of the jab mandates forced her out of a job — mind you, for making an autonomous medical decision about her own body and soul. She courageously refused to back down from the corrupt and despicable attempts of the ‘authorities’ to silence her. Born in Russia, she well knows what totalitarian regimes look like and how they operate.

Here is her bio in her own words:

I went to medical school in Russia, graduating in 1994.

Did one year of internal medicine internship 1994-1995.

At the end of 1995 I emigrated to America and eventually decided that I wanted to be a pathologist.

Did my qualifying exams (USMLE Steps 1&2, English test, Clinical Skills test) between 1995 and 2000. Got ECFMG certificate in 2000 and applied for a residency.

2001-2006 Anatomical and Clinical Pathology residency at Indiana University in Indianapolis.

2006-2007 Cytopathology fellowship also at IU.

In 2007 got my first job as a pathologist for Southern Community Laboratories (SCL), New Zealand.

2007-2011 worked in Christchurch for SCL.

Following Christchurch earthquake relocated to Hawkes Bay, also working for SCL (in joint venture with Hawkes Bay DHB).

In 2021 I made a video, questioning safety of Pfizer mRNA vaccine and stated lack of informed consent for its administration.

This led to a complaint to MCNZ by a random member of the public (I am still not sure that it wasn’t a bot)

This complaint led to PCC which took 2+ years to conclude.

There was a second complaint from local indoctrinated doctors, after later on I organized a group of parents to write a letter and speak to my children’s school board to stop discrimination against unvaccinated students and the propaganda campaign by the school to get the students vaccinated. This was also added to my file but eventually MCNZ decided that it didn’t constitute a crime.

In November 2021 I was prohibited from coming to work due to not taking the vaccine, and eventually fired by SCL in February 2022.

I came back to the States in August 2022 , in order to continue working, and I am currently employed as a pathologist in Indiana.

Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D.

May 2023

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