My Conversation with Dr. Cindy de Villiers

another unrehearsed and unedited freedom exchange

A brave New Zealand doctor speaks out about her experience with covid — and the Medical Council of New Zealand.

Dr Cindy de Villiers is a General Practitioner with an interest in Integrative Medicine running a small private clinic in Nelson, New Zealand. She combines complementary, nutritional and environmental medicine with conventional medicine, emphasising the treatment of underlying factors and triggers while providing symptomatic relief.

Cindy was always fascinated by the intricacies and complexity of the body, by how it worked; what made us, as humans, function and what was going on when weren’t functioning optimally. Cindy considers herself to be privileged, while working in General Practice, to have heard many, many stories from many people; stories of suffering, pain, anxiety, joy and redemption. Stories were coming from the human form that she had been so excited by.

Having witnessed many people regain their health by addressing underlying factors and improving the terrain that is their body, against toxins and infections alike, she could not buy into the fear that a “novel” virus was such a danger that healthy people had to be lockdown and separated, nor that the only way out was a rushed “vaccine”. For this, she was investigated by the Medical Council of New Zealand. She had draconian conditions placed on her practising certificate / licence and sent for re-education.

With like-minded colleagues, Cindy formed NZDSOS (www.nzdsos.com), a group of medical professionals who provide an alternative view to that in the mainstream and who are working for medical freedom for both doctors and patients.

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