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Employment Law Updates with Liz Lambert and Erika Whittome

two stalwart New Zealand champions who are winning the good fight

I’ve interviewed both of these courageous individuals before, separately, and now I’ve brought them together for a conversation about victorious legal challenges in the employment sector and emerging information for employee and human rights generally.

Please see their website for more information:

Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D.

January 2024

Thanks to Erika for the following:

The WHO infection fatality rate of Covid 19, dated Oct 2020  Infection fatality rate of COVID-19 inferred from seroprevalence data - PubMed ( 

"In people younger than 70 years, infection fatality rates ranged from 0.00% to 0.31% with crude and corrected medians of 0.05%."

The Min of Health's response to the infection fatality rate of Covid-19 What is the infection fatality rate of Covid 19? - a Official Information Act request to Ministry of Health - FYI

Vaccination Exemptions using Clause 12A under the Covid 19  9 Public Health Response (Vaccinations)

Order 2021 Combo-OIA-27972-11005-exemptions-and-OIA23978-Health-Care-Got-Exemptions-.pdf ( 

AIr New Zealand applies for vaccine exemptions for 29 pilots under clause 9 of the Order H2023032396 response.pdf ( 

Employers liable for pericarditis in an Australian decision   Shepherd v The State of South Australia (in right of the Department for Child Protection) [2024] SAET 2 (15 January 2024) ( 

The reports of the Covid 19 as a workplace disease to Worksafe (all 23 of them): 


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